Rosaly is and exquisite propulsive force whose constant shading demand and reward the listeners full attention.
--Neil Tesser

Frank Rosaly has become an indispensable part of the local jazz and improvised-music scene—he’s got a sharp sense of time, an imaginative vocabulary, and a knack for knowing just what a given context requires, whether it’s the tumultuous free improv of the Rempis Percussion Quartet or the vintage tunes of Josh Berman & His Gang. But he’s also developed a rigorous solo practice, where he focuses on color and texture using a hybrid setup of percussion and electronics... his approach is distinctively elegant and controlled.
--Peter Margasak, Chicago Reader

"Rosaly, clearly a gifted percussionist from the moment he arrived in town, soon revealed himself to be a drummer who thinks compositionally whenever the setup permits" --- Larry Kart, author of Jazz In Search of Itself, Yale University Press

"...Rosaly brings both his keen sense of being in the moment and leaving room for interpretation within the written form: both approaches honed from his immersion in jazz and "freer jazz" over the last couple of decades.
--John Dworkin, All About Jazz

Rosaly’s drumming is easily recognizable, on record and live . It melts between the perfect complimentary player and the ultimate standout. His rhythms are unstoppable and perfectly timed. His solos are imaginative and expressive.
--Adam Kivel, Consequence of Sound


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Solo performance at AV-Aerie by
Peter Margasak (Chicago Reader)

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